How to Store Essential Oils

It is very important to store the oils in a proper way to prolong the shelf life and right use.

Imagine, you wear an expensive silk scarf, and you do not wash it as per the instruction and nor iron it according to silk. In such a situation the silk scarf will lose its shelf life and within few weeks to months it would lose its beauty.

Nisarga Farms Organic Essential Oils

Similar it is extremely important to store the oils properly so that the oils do not lose their potency and you can get the maximum benefits.

To prolong healthy benefits of your essential oils, also take into account the following tips:

Do not keep bottles of essential oils open for long periods of time;

Keep them away from direct sunlight, and better in a dark place;

If you haven’t kept your essential oils refrigerated up to now, do it as soon as you reach them.

Store them in dark color glass bottles (as seen in photo above)

It is always best to know the expiry date of the oils. You always can put a sticker with the date or write somewhere down when exactly you opened a certain oil.

Stay safe and use your essential oils with healthy benefits.


Written by Yuliya Kireyeva.

Yuliya is a certified Aromatherapist and Aromadiagnostics based in Dubai.

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