Ayurveda Aromatherapy for Higher Consciousness and Self-Care

Ayurveda aromatherapy is not only for the sick, but also for healthy people. Means, if you get fatigued and have stress then indeed Ayurveda aromatherapy helps, and if you feel very fresh and energetic then also Ayurveda aromatherapy helps. In both the situations the usage of oil method, types of oil selection would be different. Whatever be your mental and physical condition, Ayurveda aromatherapy helps in self-care and also to achieve higher consciousness.

Lotus flower represents the blooming of higher consciousness

Let us talk about self-care first.
Self-care is needed to feel fresh, alive, rejuvenated and energetic. We need all this because due to work, weather, social pressure, sometimes due to wrong food habits etc. our body gets lots of pressure and stress. The essential thing here is to maintain a healthy cortisol level in our body.

With awareness, practicing consistent self-care and oil application to support the body’s natural relaxation response helps to maintain healthy levels of cortisol in our body. Self-care helps us deal with stress before it becomes a part of us. Ayurveda aromatherapy is one of the effective self-care methods we can use to stop stress from taking root in the body. Also it helps to

-Boost immunity

-Increase energy level

-Maintain healthy skin

-Fast recovery after any illness

-Prevents ageing

Ayurveda aromatherapy induces the relaxation response needed for self-care and oil application on the whole body. Other methods are also there for self-care. Relaxation response can be triggered by activities you enjoy, such as painting, watching favorite serial, deep breathing, jogging, and self-massage. Among these oil applications on the whole body is an essential regime of Ayurveda aromatherapy. This is very much needed for all, and especially people living in cold countries.

That’s why it’s important to make time for yourself each day to use oils in the form of oil application. Oil application means using the blended oil in a certain ratio with some seed oil. And then apply these oils on your whole body. Remember that skin is the largest organ of our body, and it has the maximum surface area. Hence oil application is always recommended. Essential oils shouldn’t be applied directly on the skin. In 100 ml sweet almond oil add a few drops of bay laurel, lavender and clary sage. Let it mature for more than a week, and your oil is ready. You can use it for massage, and just for normal oil application.

The best time recommended for this is before you sleep, or after a morning bath in the morning. Consider using essential oils as part of your daily routine.


Diffusers are great tools to use essential oils. Do not use one type of essential oil for more than a week in the diffuser. Try blends, or a new oil based on your body condition..

Apart from oil application, to support everyday use, try inhaling individual essential oils or, if you have more time, create a personal blend of essential oils. Both methods have therapeutic properties. Deciding which method is best for your immediate needs can be a simple matter of time available. If you choose inhalation, choose essential oils with a pleasant association like rose, lavender, cinnamon, camphor, orange etc.

If you decide to make a blend, choose an essential oil with relaxing and/or uplifting properties. Like lavender, sage, salvia sclarea, rose geranium, neroli, marjoram, bergamot, ylang ylang, sandalwood etc.

Aromatherapy for higher consciousness means you do not have any such health issues; however, you want to use essential oil to rise above the current level of your consciousness. Consciousness here means the level of our awareness and open eyes. Suppose you are on the first floor of a building, and you want to see outside the window. You can see a limited view because of your current level. If you go to 7th floor, then you can see more, and the more you go on the higher floor you see more and more everywhere. Same is with our consciousness level. If we have a desire to elevate ourselves, then potent, pure, and rightly distilled essential oil plays a very vital role.

Marma massage is the origin of acupressure, osteopathy, reflexology and acupuncture.

In such a situation the selection of essential oil will change. Like those oils which can help to elevate you in a meditative way are needed. Such oils are rose otto, jasmine otto, cedarwood, sandalwood, saffron, vanilla etc. If you are using oils on your whole body in the form of massage or simply oil application, then chances are that your stress level would be almost zero. Hence you can use a blend of small quantities of essential oils mentioned above. You can use them along with advanced meditations which I teach in Ayurveda aromatherapy class and Marma massage workshop in detail. Our Ayurveda Aromatherapy classes are specially designed for healthy people who are interested in higher consciousness, and also designed for anyone who are interested to learn deeper aspects of essential oil from Ayurveda perspective.



Written by Krishana Chaitanya & MSA Team.

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