Golden Jojoba Oil- Benefits, Uses, Recipe and Quality check

In India Golden Jojoba plantation was done with the help of Israel more than two decades ago. At Nisarga Farms Organic we cultivate our own golden jojoba in small pieces of land and extract its cold pressed virgin oil. In this blog I want to share some valuable and interesting information about the cultivation and quality of jojoba oil.

Golden Jojoba Farm by Nisarga Farms Organic

1. What makes Golden Jojoba oil so special?
– Golden Jojoba oil is approx. 25% similar to human sebum. Sebum is an oily substance produced in the sebaceous glands. It mixes with fat molecules, lipids to form a protective coating on the skin’s surface which hydrates the skin and protects it from potentially harmful pathogens. Application of Golden Jojoba (for 3 weeks) oil to the skin, hairs results in healthier skin and scalp. Not only that, jojoba oil is called savior of the whales- How Jojoba Oil Saves the Whale?
2. What are other benefits of Golden Jojoba oil?
– Golden Jojoba oil has the essential fatty acids and natural vitamin E. Vitamin E and the moisture of the oil soothe the symptoms of a sunburn and may promote healing of the skin. It plays an important role in reducing pimples, blackheads, and other facial blemishes. It also has high levels of vitamin E and is an antioxidant of which may help prevent scars. Jojoba oil may prevent flare-ups of psoriasis that worsen due to ongoing inflammation.
3. Is Golden Jojoba the same as Jojoba oil?
– There is a difference in the quality of the oil between Golden Jojoba and Jojoba. When we at Nisarga Farms say Golden Jojoba, then it means a specific variety of seed of Jojoba whose oil when extracted is golden in color, and the texture is softer than normal Jojoba oil. Not only that, Golden Jojoba permeates into the skin very easily without any side effects. The oil is very gentle on the skin. On the other hand, so called Jojoba oil is just any seed of jojoba, or a mixture of various seeds without any quality control. In such a situation when the oil is extracted from the seed its color will vary, and in terms of quality it is inferior compared to the Golden Jojoba.

From left to right- Golden Jojoba Seed, Golden Jojoba Oil, and Golden Jojoba Cake after extracting the oil

4. How can I know whether my oil (which I buy from market) is Golden Jojoba or Normal Jojoba?
– It can be known by three easy methods.
a) After studying the lab test report. For that you can ask your supplier for an authentic lab test report.
b) The color of Golden Jojoba is like gold. Other Jojoba oils’ colors are not such.
c) When you apply it on the skin you will notice the effect immediately. Golden Jojoba is not harsh on the skin and will nourish the skin way better than other Jojoba oil.
5. Is Golden Jojoba oil edible?
– Yes, in Ayurveda Aromatherapy in certain conditions the seeds and oil is ingested for certain treatment. But it is not consumed on a daily basis.
6. Why is certain Jojoba oil colorless?
– It is because the color is removed through the bleaching process. It means, with the help of a certain chemical not only its color but also its natural aroma is removed.
7. What does Golden Jojoba seed look like and what does its oil smell like?
– If you look at the photo of the seed, then you can notice that the seed looks like a brown peanut. It is not peanut but gives similar resemblance. The smell is mildly nutty. This mild nutty smell of golden jojoba is loved by most people.

Cleaning the seed of golden jojoba. This is the last stage of cleaning done manually to ensure there is no presence of any unwanted foreign material.

8. Is it okay if I eat jojoba seeds to lose weight?
– Hunters of Native America carried jojoba seeds with them to keep themselves energized. Means, if you are on a long drive or travelling for long hours, then few (3-5 numbers) of its seeds can be consumed. However, weight loss is not guaranteed.
9. What is the shelf life of Golden Jojoba oil?
– Golden Jojoba has a long shelf life of up to five years (if stored properly).
10. Is Golden Jojoba oil safe for sensitive skin and babies?
– Yes, it is one of the safest oils for babies as well as sensitive skin. However, a patch test is always recommended.
11. Is it carrier oil or essential oil?
– It is a carrier oil. Means, we make it by cold pressed method. To know more about the carrier oils, essential oils, absolute and benefits of oils, you watch freely available videos on our YouTube channel ‘Mysore School of Aromatherapy’.
12. Can you tell a little more about Golden Jojoba Carrier oil?
Golden Jojoba is one of my favorite carrier oils. I use it in lots of different recipes with amazing results. It can easily be added to any skin care product, for example applying a little before shaving (for men and women both) tones the skin to make the skin surface smooth. Many people have found that Golden Jojoba works very well in preventing a shaving rash. It also heals any little nicks or cuts that can sometimes occur during shaving. It can be used as a natural skin cleanser and to remove makeup. As the season changes, a massage with golden jojoba keeps the skin healthy and builds up immunity.
13. Does this oil freeze in winter like coconut, moringa, tamanu etc?
– No, Golden Jojoba oil does not freeze in winter(low room temperature). It will remain liquid at room temperature. Even if the room is a little cold the oil would remain in liquid state. Since this oil does not freeze in winter, it is a great choice to make products like hair care, balms, salves, cream, shampoo.

Color of Golden Jojoba Oil. It is very gentle and safe on the skin.

14. Is Golden Jojoba Oil very expensive?
– In early 1970 it was very expensive because it was not cultivated much. As usual it took many years for many people to start cultivating it. However, in this process, due to poor selection of crops, lack of continuous research, lack of support from the people and local government in agriculture, and due to environmental factors, the quality of jojoba oil is not the same as the original golden jojoba. However, it is not a very expensive oil. Ensure that the oil you use for your skin care is Golden Jojoba, not another variety of Jojoba.
A Basic recipe-
If you want to give this a try yourself, you can make your own facial clay mask. Simply add one teaspoon of golden jojoba oil to half tablespoon of clay, add 8 ml or more rose water to it, and mix well and apply. If needed, you can add more rose water. If you want to enhance the effect of your clay mask, then add less than 1% dilution of geranium essential oil. Please keep in mind that essential oils should NOT be applied directly on the skin and must be used less than 1% on the face. Do not leave the mask on your face more than 15 minutes. The mask once applied on your face might dry with in minutes, in such a situation spray rose water on your face.
Written by Krishana Chaitanya & MSA Team.
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